Etcetera Theatre

Old Scratch Cabaret

Old Scratch Cabaret

Old Scratch Cabaret returns to the Etcetera Theatre for another evening of comedy, song and performance.

Join us for a devilishly wicked and joyously sinful night with a fantastic line up of cabaret artists.

Prepare to be entertained, amused and always expect the unexpected

Produced by Pandemonium Performance


Praise for Pandemonium Performance:

“This is an incredibly immersive experience as well as a first-class piece of theatre and deserves all the praise it will get.”

***** - Views From The Gods

“...acting, staging and direction is near unimpeachable.”

**** - One Stop Arts

“A hell of a show!” **** - London City Nights

“This experience (and it really is an experience!) encompasses the diversity and flexibility of theatre!” - Everything Theatre


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