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CF18: Maud

CF18: Maud

A rare theatre performance of Alfred Tennyson’s extraordinary epic poem and monodrama ’Maud or The Madness’.
Though the poet’s personal favourite of all his works, this story of a bereaved and isolated young man’s descent into violence and insanity - via a romantic and sexual obsession with a young girl - was considered savage, shocking, deeply disturbing and almost pornographic to Victorian sensibilties.
This contemporised, visceral staging reveals a work as relevant, provocative, dramatic and unsettling today as it was in 1885. Through its dreamlike exploration of the stages of a mental illness, told in some of Tennyson’s most inspired language, ’Maud’ is a work way ahead of its time.
Performer: Christy Matthews
Director: Seb Harcombe

Twitter: @secrethearte



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