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GRRRLZ - a new musical comedy by Chris Gill

GRRRLZ - a new musical comedy by Chris Gill

Amidst the social revolution, colourful fashions and the vibrant music of the late sixties, Kathy Brown has spent so much time attending protest marches that she is suspended from Oxford University. Through the ‘renowned scholastic agency of Grabitall and Tring’, she finds employment as the Lower Fifth form tutor at Ruffwood Park, a girls’ school that has remained untouched by the swinging sixties. Will Kathy ever be able to get through to the unruly Lower Fifth form? Will they ever want to learn anything? And will the fearsome headmistress Miss de Trique’s reign of terror ever come to an end?

GRRRLZ is an almost entirely female musical comedy drawing its inspiration from styles as diverse as soul, jazz and Gilbert & Sullivan; its richly comic plot from a unique blend of Pythonesque farce, badly-behaved schoolgirls and Cold War paranoia; and its themes from the very 1960s ideas of non-conformism, second-wave feminism and anti-Establishment politics.

Originally written and filmed with a cast of 14 schoolgirls and released as four half-hour episodes on the YouTube channel Rye TV during the Covid pandemic of 2020-21, GRRRLZ was adapted for the Oxford-based DIY Theatre Company on 29-31 October 2021, with a cast of over 30 women and girls and an eight-piece band. GRRRLZ was subsequently revised and adapted for a cast of 12 for its London debut at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden on 17-18 December 2021.


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