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The Actors Cove Showcase

The Actors Cove Showcase

The Actors Cove presents the Professional Actors Showcase.
Six new short plays sharing emerging and established acting talent.Come and watch this selection of brand new duologues to make you laugh and cry, sending us into 2022 with absolute certainty that theatre is very much alive.
Performed by The Actors Cove cast.
Anna Bernard
Akosua Duah-Boachie
Emaan Durrani
Will Edden
Mahdi Khoshkhoo
Florence Largilliere
Mary Martin
Ellen McGuinness
Samuel Pelan
Sandra Podgorska
Eva Rana
Aoife Scott
Marj O’Neil Butler
Claire-Marie Perry
Lotte Ruth Johnson
Ken Preuss
John Barron
Director: Lotte Ruth Johnson
Stage Manager: Tiannah Veichweg
Technician: TBC
Produced by The Actors Cove.
For more information about taking part or for industry comps visit

Lotte Ruth Johnson
Founder & Head of Training



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