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Ramona and Julia

Ramona and Julia

Ramona and Julia is the first queer and feminist draft of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet that didn’t make it to the final cut. Ramona and Julia, a lesbian couple, go to the Apothecary to lodge a complaint about the side effects of the poison they had purchased, only to be faced with a love triangle, as Shakespeare is getting dumped by his boyfriend, Mr W. H., the fair youth.
Written by Anna Shirshova and Julia Smith, this lesbian comedy is performed in contemporary English (so none of that archaic language!) and contains references to sex and suicide.

Apothecary is Megi Boeva
Ramona is Isabella Breslin
Julia is Irene Saviozzi
Will Shakespeare is Selina Qing

Anna Shirshova
Cecile Duiquet
Julia Smith


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