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Movie Night With VHS & Film Club - Improv Comedy About Movies

Movie Night With VHS & Film Club - Improv Comedy About Movies

Take your seat. Turn off your phone. Grab some popcorn (actually the venue probably doesn’t sell popcorn). Because it’s MOVIE NIGHT!

Watch as VHS and Film Club, two of London’s premiere improv comedy teams, perform their respective movie themed improv formats!

VHS: The Improvised Blockbuster

Watch as VHS (the improv comedy group) bring back all your fondest memories of the humble VHS (the video storage media) in and improvised comedy set where you’ll see a whole new blockbuster movie based on your suggestions unfold before your very eyes.

Using your made up movie titles, VHS presents all the emotional highs and action packed thrills of a real blockbuster, albeit the kind you can only find in drugstore bargain buckets.

See action, romance, sci-fi, fantasy; whatever you’re in the mood for. Performed by Ben Goldsmith, Craig Methven, Gareth O’Connor, Haley McGee and Katie Davison.

Film Club

Film Club is an improvised sketch show focussed heavily on the high-stakes, genre specific scenes of great movies. From the breathless intensity of a thriller, to the fluttering serendipity of a rom-com, we bring the stage alive with authentic drama...and then we subvert it in the way only improv comedy can!

That two teams for the price of one! You wouldn’t get that kind of deal at Cineworld (actually they probably are running some kind of two for one deal).



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